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iCatcher! is a podcast catcher for iOS devices
  • Keep track of all of your podcast subscriptions
  • Set schedules for when each one typically comes out
  • Download over WiFi, 3G or Edge and in the background (on supported devices)
  • Search in all views to find that podcast or episode you are looking for
  • Play audio in the background on supported iOS devices
  • Custom playlists that allow you to select podcasts and/or keywords to view your downloaded episodes
  • Custom Playlists now allow you to exclude podcasts
  • All device orientations supported with configurable option in the settings
  • Universal App, works on all of your iOS 7.0+ devices
  • Full retina support
  • While in a playlist you can see the total time remaining and watch it count down while a podcast is playing
  • You can unsubscribe to podcast and still have them on your device. Use that for those less than stellar podcasts.
  • Full VoiceOver support
  • Support for Password Protected feeds
  • Support for continuous playback within custom playlists (on by default).
  • Now with variable playback speed 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x
  • Watch or listen to your favorite podcasts with a familar layout
  • Skip ahead 30 seconds, or jump back 30
  •  Hold the fast-forward down to rewind at 10 seconds per second and the same for rewind.
  •  Support for AirPlay, watch or listen to those podcasts on your big screen.
  • Show notes show as web content to enable interaction with links.
  • Share the podcast information via email with your friends
  • Watch videos in the view so you still have access to the other information on the screen.
  • Sleep timer to have have the app pause the podcast after a set time.
    Adding Podcasts
  • Built-in search to find your favorite podcasts
  • Manually add podcasts with a URL
  • Browse the web in the app to find podcasts to add. Browser will prompt if you tap a link that is a podcast feed.
  • Import your OPML file from iTunes or other iOS podcast app. Settings
  • Swipe accross a podcast or episode to access additional options
  • Podcast settings allow you to set the days the podcast typically comes out or the number of days between.
  • Specify the number of episodes to download when new ones are available
  • View keywords for the podcast found in the feed (tap them to view your other podcasts with the same keyword).

*Requires iOS 7.0 and above.